Sell My Car With Check Engine Light On Online

Selling a car online with a check engine light on raises concerns among potential buyers due to potential mechanical issues, making them wary of purchasing it. However, with a transparent approach and the right marketing strategy, it is possible to find an interested buyer for your car.

In this article, we will discuss some useful tips and techniques to help you navigate the process of selling a car with a check engine light on via the internet. We’ll let you in on why an online platform, specifically one catering specifically to cars with problems, like Sell My Car Online, is the best way to sell your car with a check engine light on, but we\’ll also go over alternatives.

Understanding The Problems of Having a Check Engine Light On When Selling a Car Online

The check engine light is a warning sign indicating a potential problem with the car\’s engine or emissions system. It signals a variety of things: anything from a minor issue, such as a loose gas cap, to more significant problems like a faulty oxygen sensor or catalytic converter.

Potential buyers are understandably hesitant to invest in a vehicle requiring expensive repairs or additional investment.

You’ll have a hard time pricing a car with an active check engine light as well. You don’t want to heavily discount a car that only has a minor issue. Potential buyers are likely to be skeptical about a car\’s true value when the check engine light is on, regardless of how you price it.

Selling a car with a check engine light on is likely to lead to questions about the vehicle\’s roadworthiness. In some jurisdictions, cars with check engine issues fail mandatory emissions or safety tests, potentially limiting the number of potential buyers.

To overcome these challenges, sellers should consider having their car inspected before listing it for sale. A mechanic\’s inspection helps determine if the car will be worth fixing or not,  as well as provide proper documentation and records of the problem and/or repairs to reassure potential buyers.

How to Sell a Car with a Check Engine Light On Online

Share the Vehicle\’s Details

Sharing the vehicle details and accurate information about its condition shows transparency, which is important when putting up a car with a check engine issue for online sale. In the description, mention any known problems, recent repairs, and maintenance history. Take clear photos of the exterior, interior, and any visible issues, including the illuminated check engine light.

Potential buyers are more likely to trust you and consider your offer if you’re upfront and honest about the vehicle’s condition.

Alternatively, enter your VIN and some basic information about the vehicle and get an instant online appraisal using the cutting-edge technology from Sell My Car Online. This way, you won\’t have to create the listing and deal with numerous offers.

Get Your Best Offer

To decide what a good offer for your vehicle would be, research your car’s current market value, considering factors such as make, model, year, mileage, and condition. Websites like Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds help you determine a fair price.

You’re likely to find that the offer you get from Sell My Car Online is equal to or higher than what you expected based on your research. We make car buyers nationwide compete for your vehicle in an auction-style model, resulting in a high, accurate offer.

Accept Your Offer

Accept an offer from a potential buyer only after carefully evaluating your options. Be prepared to negotiate the price based on your research and the vehicle\’s condition. When you reach an agreement, ensure all the necessary paperwork, such as the title transfer and bill of sale, is properly completed.

Finally, arrange for a meeting to hand over the keys to the new owner and finalize the transaction. Make sure the deal is set in stone before the buyers arrives to tow away the car. Too, often, buyers try to charge for towing or reduce the offer.

With an offer from Sell My Car Online, you have seven days or 100 miles to decide. We’ll pick up the vehicle for free whenever it’s convenient for you and pay cash.

Sell Your Car Online in 24-72 Hours

It only takes a day or two to sell your car using Sell My Car Online, whereas it\’ll take weeks or even months to sell on listing platforms. With Sell My Car Online, just accept your offer and arrange a time within hours or days for us to collect the vehicle. We’re the express lane to sell any vehicle for cash.

Why Selling Your Car With a Check Engine Light On is The Best Option

Selling your car on the internet provides a hassle-free experience compared to traditional methods. There\’s no need to schedule appointments with potential buyers or spend hours negotiating prices; simply list your car\’s details and get your offer.

Advertising your car on the web allows you to reach a wider audience. Online platforms have thousands of daily visitors, meaning your car is likely to grab the attention of a larger pool of potential buyers. This increased visibility ultimately leads to quicker sales and better offers.

Promoting your car on online platforms offers the benefit of flexibility. Just list your car at any time and decide when or whether to accept the offer.

3 Main Factors to Consider When Determining The Value of a Car with a Check Engine Light On

The three main factors to consider when determining the value of a car with a blown engine are:

  1. The vehicle\’s year, make, and model.
  2. The vehicle\’s condition.
  3. Whether or not the vehicle is salvageable.

There are additional factors that go into determining the value of cars with a check engine warning.  Discover them below.

1. Why is The Engine Light On?

Common issues include malfunctioning sensors (such as the oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor), faulty ignition components (like spark plugs and ignition coils), and issues with the fuel system (such as a loose fuel cap or clogged fuel injectors).

More severe problems involve damage to the catalytic converter, which is quite costly to repair. It\’s essential to have a mechanic accurately diagnose the issue, as the severity of the problem significantly impacts the car\’s value.

2. Condition of the Vehicle

The second factor is the overall condition of the vehicle, beyond the check engine light warning. Evaluating factors like the car\’s age, mileage, cosmetic wear, and maintenance history helps you determine its worth more accurately.

Websites like Kelley Blue Book offer guidance on pricing, taking into account the car\’s make, model, and unique characteristics. The impact on a car with a check engine light’s value is likely less significant if the car is in good shape aside from the check engine issue. However multiple issues or a poorly maintained history will depreciate the vehicle’s value even more.

3. Market Trends

Consider current market trends for used cars, as these influence the price potential buyers are willing to pay. If there\’s high demand for the specific make and model of your car, it\’ll still hold decent value despite the check engine light being on. However, a market flooded with similar vehicle will have a negative impact on your car\’s worth.

Assess the Value of Your Car With an Online Calculator

An online calculator is the best way to determine accurately the value of a car with a lit check engine light when you decide to sell it via the web. This tool gathers data from thousands of vehicle sales to accurately gauge your car\’s worth.

To use an online calculator, provide critical information about your car, such as its make, model, year, and VIN. Additionally, input its location, mileage and any optional features it has. Every detail helps generate a more precise valuation of your car with an active service engine light.

You’ll get an instant offer which you can accept right away or think about for a bit. Go ahead and compare it to other offers. You’re unlikely to find a better one. The high offers, combined with the convenience of an online calculator is what has made this the best option for selling a car.

Exploring Alternatives to Selling Your Car with a Check Engine Light On

Method Brief Description
Trading in the Car for a New One Dealerships offer convenience and a discount if you’re getting a new car, but generally provide a lower trade-in value compared to selling online.
Scrapping the Car for Parts Scrapping for parts is profitable, but it requires skill and effort, making it less practical for most people compared to selling online.
Donating the Car to Charity Donating helps a charity and potentially provides a tax deduction, but certain charities prefer cash rather than the car itself.
Sell Your Car to a Junkyard or Salvage Yard Junkyards offer convenience and often have free towing, but they typically provide lower prices based on the vehicle\’s material value.
Sell Your Car to a Private Buyer Selling to a private buyer is lucrative but difficult and time-consuming, with limited demand for cars with present check engine warnings.
Sell Your Car to a Dealer or Trade-in Dealerships also buy or trade cars with check engine lights, but they pay lower prices due to potential repair costs.
Sell Your Car Online Selling online provides a quick, easy, and broad reach to potential buyers, often resulting in higher offers and faster transactions.

Necessary Paperwork For Selling Cars With Check Engine Light On

The paperwork needed to sell your car with a check engine light on are listed below.


The vehicle title is the most crucial document when selling a car. It proves your ownership and allows the buyer to register the vehicle under their name.

When selling a car with a check engine issue, it\’s essential to be transparent about the issue and any related repairs or diagnoses that have been completed. This information should be included in a written statement or described in the title itself, depending on your state\’s requirements.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is another essential document when selling a car with the check engine light on. This document serves as a legal agreement between the buyer and the seller, outlining the terms of the sale and the vehicle\’s purchase price.

It includes the car\’s year, make, model, VIN, the selling price, and both parties\’ names and addresses. For a car with the check engine light on, it\’s recommended to specify the issue in the bill of sale to avoid any misunderstandings or future disputes.

Vehicle History Report (Optional but Helpful)

A vehicle history report, while not mandatory, is beneficial when selling a car with the check engine light on. The report provides the buyer with a comprehensive overview of your car\’s history, including any accidents, repairs, or maintenance performed.

Having this report available reassures potential buyers you\’re being transparent about the check engine light issue and any other necessary car history details. A popular provider of these reports is Carfax, but other services provide similar information as well.

We Buy Cars With Check Engine Light On 24/7 Online or by Phone

Sell My Car Online specializes in purchasing cars with various issues, including those with a check engine light on. The check engine light indicates a potential issue with the vehicle, but it need not deter you from selling the car.

The process to sell your car online or by phone is straightforward. Provide accurate information on the vehicle, including make, model, year, VIN, and any known issues or repairs needed. Feel free to accept the instant offer immediately or take a week or 100 miles to think about it.

We take care of the paperwork and offer free towing services, making the entire process insanely convenient. We pay cash promptly upon pickup. Sell a car with the check engine light on 24/7 online or by phone with a smooth and hassle-free process with Sell My Car Online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Car With a Check Engine Light On

How Much Can I Sell My Car with a Check Engine Light On for Online?

The selling price of a car with a check engine light illuminated depends on three factors. First, specific vehicle details such as make, model, and upgrades affect the price. Next, age and miles are extremely important. Finally, the overall condition plays a significant role.

To get an accurate estimate use an online calculator that considers thousands of sales to make an accurate offer.

Where Can I Sell My Car with a Check Engine Light On Online?

There are several online platforms where you can sell a car with a check engine light on. Auction and listing websites like and Edmunds connect you with potential buyers, some of whom are interested in cars with engine issues. The dedicated car buying site Sell My Car Online is the best option if you want to skip the hassle and get a great offer.

How Do I List My Car with a Check Engine Light On for Sale Online?

To list your car for sale online, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an online platform: Select a suitable online platform for selling your car, such as auction sites, classified ads, or dedicated car buying sites.
  2. Create an account and a listing: Register on the platform, complete your profile, and create a listing for your car. Make sure to include accurate details about your vehicle, including features, modifications, and current condition.
  3. Disclose the check engine light issue: Be honest and transparent about the check engine warning being on. Describe the situation and any known issues that have caused the light to come on.
  4. Upload clear photos: Take high-quality images of your car from various angles, both exterior and interior. Include photos of the check engine light to provide full disclosure to potential buyers.
  5. Monitor the listing: Check the listing regularly for inquiries from interested buyers, and respond promptly to questions or offers.

Want to skip posting an online ad and the endless fruitless conversations with potential buyers sure to follow? Enter basic information into Sell My Car Online and get a great offer instantly.

Is It Worth Fixing a Check Engine Light Before Selling the Car Online?

Deciding whether to fix the check engine light issue or not before offering up your car for sale online depends on the severity of the problem causing the light. It\’s worth addressing the issue before the sale if the problem is minor and repairable at a reasonable cost, as it will dramatically improve your car\’s value and appeal to potential buyers. However, if the issue is severe or costly, it is more practical to sell the car as-is at a lower price.

What Information Should I Disclose When Selling a Car with a Check Engine Light On Online?

When selling a car with a check engine light on, it\’s essential to be transparent with potential buyers. Disclose the following information:

  • Current issues causing the check engine light to come on
  • Any previous repairs or attempts to fix the problem
  • Relevant service history and maintenance records
  • An accurate description of the overall condition of the car
  • Additional vehicle details, such as mileage, modifications, and unique features

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