Sell My Car With Blown Engine Online

Selling a car online with a blown engine can be daunting, as it significantly reduces the vehicle\’s value and appeal to potential buyers. However, with the advancement of technology and the rise of online marketplaces, offering your car up for sale in this condition is possible to do without too much hassle, and you stand to make good money too.

The key is knowing how to present the vehicle and target the right audience. You need to understand why someone might be interested in buying a car with a blown engine and how to navigate digital platforms to find them.

It\’s easier than ever before to find buyers who are interested specifically in purchasing cars with blown engines, either for parts, restoration projects, or rebuilding. Reach a wider audience and maximize the potential for a successful sale by listing your car on an online marketplace like Sell My Car Online.

Here’s everything you need to know about selling a car online with a blown engine, including how to get the best offer and what alternatives there are to an online sale.

Understanding The Problems of Having a Blown Engine

A blown engine typically refers to severe internal damage rendering the engine inoperable. This damage results from various causes, including overheating, improper lubrication, or failure of internal components. Here are a few common problems that arise when selling a car with a blown engine.

  1. Decreased value: Potential buyers often perceive a car with a blown engine as less reliable, leading to a lower resale price. A car with a blown engine leads them to assume that other components are also damaged.
  2. Narrowed buyer pool: Your car with a non-functioning engine is less attractive to the average buyer, narrowing your pool of potential purchasers. You\’ll still find interest among specialty buyers or those looking for a project car, but they\’re harder to find.
  3. Increased repair costs: If you repair the blown engine before selling, the significant expenses make it hard to get a worthwhile return on investment. It costs thousands of dollars to rebuild or replace an engine. It’s often more cost-effective to sell the car as-is and allow the new owner to address the repairs.
  4. Longer selling process: It\’s typically more time-consuming to sell a car with a blown engine than to sell a fully functional vehicle. When there\’s car damage, you often need to provide additional reassurance or detailed information to potential buyers. Transparency is essential, but it can prolong the negotiation process.

How to Sell a Car with a Blown Engine Online

Share the Vehicle\’s Details

When advertising a car with a blown engine via online platforms, it is crucial to be transparent and provide accurate information about the vehicle\’s condition. Disclose the VIN number, make, model, and year of the vehicle. Clarify any additional details related to the engine problem or any other problems the vehicle has.

The more thorough and transparent you are, the more likely you are to make a sale. Sell Your Car Online uses cutting-edge technology to ensure an accurate estimate based on the information provided.

Get Your Best Offer

Getting a good offer seems impossible when a car has a damaged engine. However, getting a fair deal on the web is achievable.

Websites specializing in buying cars with mechanical issues, such as Sell My Car Online, generate an instant offer through an auction-style system in which car buyers near you and nationwide compete for your car.

Accept Your Offer

After comparing offers and choosing the best one, it is time to accept the offer and finalize the sale.

Ensure that you clearly understand the payment process to avoid any complications. Buyers usually pay through methods like a direct deposit or a cashier\’s check. Ask how they\’ll pick up or tow the car, as well as if there are any additional fees.

Sell My Car Online always tows for free and pays cash upon pickup, while unscrupulous buyers sometimes try to change the price or charge extra for towing at the last minute.

Take a week or 100 miles to compare your offer from Sell My Car Online to others. You’re unlikely to find a better deal.

Sell Your Car Online in 24-72 Hours

With Sell Your Car Online, you get your car removed and money in your hand in as little as 24 to 72 hours. Just make sure you have all the title ready. We’ll take care of the paperwork and pick up your car whenever it’s convenient for you.

Why Selling Your Car With a Blown Engine is The Best Option

Selling your car with a blown engine allows you to get some value from an otherwise junk car. Instead of letting your vehicle sit and take up space, sell it and earn some cash to offset the cost of a new car.

It is expensive and time-consuming to repair a vehicle with significant engine damage. In many cases, it isn’t worth fixing the engine, especially if the car is older or in poor condition overall. The most efficient way to deal with your damaged vehicle is to find a buyer willing to purchase the car with a blown engine as-is.

Online platforms like Sell My Car Online make it easy for you to sell your car, even with a failing engine.

Listing your car with a blown engine for online sale is better in most cases than traditional methods like junkyard sales, private buyers, and dealership trade-ins.

Online platforms that specialize in purchasing cars in any condition, including those with blown engines, provide a convenient and hassle-free process. They offer free towing services, saving you the trouble of arranging transportation for your non-functional vehicle.

Selling online offers a broader market reach. These platforms have a wide network of potential buyers actively searching for cars with engine issues, increasing the chances of finding a buyer for your vehicle.

Online car buyers often provide instant cash offers through online their online calculators, eliminating the need for lengthy negotiations or long waits for offers from potential buyers.

Marketing your car on the internet helps you bypass potential issues from dealing with private buyers or salvage yards. Private buyers are hesitant to purchase a car with a non-functioning engine, while salvage yards offer a lower price because they only consider the scrap metal value.

3 Main Factors to Consider When Determining The Value of a Car with a Blown Engine

The three main factors to consider when determining the value of a car with a blown engine are:

  1. The vehicle\’s year, make, and model.
  2. The vehicle\’s condition.
  3. Whether or not the vehicle is salvageable.

There are additional factors that go into determining the value of cars with blown engines online.

  1. Make, Model, and Age: Cars from reputable manufacturers with a solid history of reliability tend to retain their value better, even when damaged. Older cars generally have more wear and tear, making them less valuable. However, some vintage or rare models may hold value due to their collectible status.
  2. The vehicle\’s condition. A seized engine is a significant issue with varying levels of severity. Some engines require a complete rebuild, while others only need certain components replaced if other parts are in perfect condition. The more extensive the damage, the lower the car\’s value.
  3. Whether or not the vehicle is salvageable. There is potential for a salvageable vehicle to restored to a drivable condition. In this case, the car has higher value because the buyer could make repairs and sell it as a functional vehicle. You\’ll find potential buyers among mechanics, car enthusiasts, or individuals willing to invest in repairs, for a salvageable car with a blown engine.

Also consider: additional Features and Condition: Beyond the engine damage, additional features and overall condition impact a car’s value. Vehicles with desirable features, such as upgraded interiors, premium audio systems, or advanced safety features, still hold some value even with a blown engine. The condition of the car\’s body and interior also matter. Well-maintained cars with minimal cosmetic damage are more appealing to potential buyers.

Assess the Value of Your Car With an Online Calculator

An online calculator is an essential tool for assessing the value of your car. Enter information about your car\’s make, model, year, and condition, including the bad engine. You’ll get an offer you can accept immediately or think about for a while.

Calculating the car\’s value is a great way to decide whether to sell it as it is or make repairs. If the repair cost is close to what you’d get for the car as is, it\’s worth considering the repair.

This simple, precise calculation has made selling a car online a much better option than the alternatives.

Exploring Alternatives to Selling Your Car with a Blown Engine

Method Description
Trading in the Car for a New One Trading in your damaged car when purchasing a new one offers convenience and saves you from dealing with separate selling and buying processes. However, the trade-in value offered by dealerships is often significantly lower than the car\’s value due to the high cost of replacing an engine.
Scrapping the Car for Parts Scrapping the car for parts is a lucrative option to maximize its value. This approach also contributes to a more sustainable vehicle disposal by reducing waste. However, it’s time-consuming to dismantle the car yourself or find a local buyer interested in individual components of salvaged cars.
Donating the Car to Charity Donating your car to charity helps support a good cause because an organization earns the proceeds from the sale or scrapping of the car. You also get tax deductions for the donation. However, it is better to get an offer from Sell My Car Online first and consult with the charity, as they may prefer you to sell the car and donate the money instead.
Selling to a Junkyard or Salvage Yard Selling to a junkyard or salvage yard provides a quick way to dispose of the car, with cash payment and free towing services. However, the drawback is that junkyards primarily value cars based on their scrap metal, resulting in a low offer for a car with a blown engine.
Selling to a Private Buyer Selling to a private buyer who is interested in parts or willing to repair the vehicle yields a higher sale price. However, it requires more effort and time to find a suitable buyer, and not all cars are desirable enough to individuals to make this option viable.
Selling to a Dealer or Trade-in Dealerships generally buy cars with busted engines through trade-ins, and some may even offer cash. This option is convenient if you plan to purchase a new car. However, dealerships typically offer significantly less than the car\’s actual value, as they are primarily focused on selling new cars and need to account for the cost of engine replacement before reselling the vehicle.
Selling Online Selling your car with a blown engine online, through platforms like Sell My Car Online, offers a balance between quick payment and a fair offer. Provide details about your car and receive a quote within minutes. This option eliminates the hassle of finding buyers and ensures you get a reasonable price for your car, making it the best option overall.

Necessary Paperwork For Selling Cars With Blown Engine

The paperwork needed to sell your car with a blown engine are listed below.


The car title, also known as the Certificate of Title, is the most crucial document when selling your vehicle. This document proves ownership and is required to legally transfer the car\’s ownership to the buyer.

Ensure the title is clear, meaning there are no liens on the vehicle, and all the information is up-to-date and accurate.

Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sale is a legal document recording the transaction between the buyer and the seller. It includes important information such as the vehicle\’s make, model, year, VIN, purchase price, and the names, addresses, and signatures of both parties.

A Bill of Sale serves as a receipt for the transaction, ensuring both the buyer and the seller have a record of the agreement. Having a Bill of Sale is particularly helpful when dealing with problematic cars, like those with dysfuctional engines, since it helps protect both parties in case of any future disputes.

Vehicle History Report (Optional but Helpful)

A Vehicle History Report, although not legally required, is helpful when selling a car with a blown engine. This report offers detailed information about the car\’s past, including accident history, previous owners, title issues, and even service records.

Sharing a Vehicle History Report with potential buyers demonstrates transparency and builds trust, especially when selling a car with a known mechanical problem. Potential buyers who appreciate this honesty are likely to be more inclined to purchase your vehicle despite its blown engine.

We Buy Cars with Blown Engines 24/7 Online or by Phone

Having a car with a blown engine is a huge hassle. Thankfully, services like Sell My Car Online specialize in buying cars with mechanical issues, making the process easy and stress-free.

In many cases, fixing the engine costs more than the car is worth, making it better to sell as-is rather than to invest in repairs. Sell My Car Online simplifies this process by buying the car regardless of the engine\’s condition, preventing the need for costly repairs.

Sell My Car Online allows you to get a quote for your car quickly by inputting basic information. You can complete the entire process online or over the phone. It’s accessible 24/7 at any time that suits you.

To make the selling process even more convenient, Sell My Car Online offers free pickup services. Once you\’ve accepted their offer, arrange a convenient time and watch it be towed away while you count your cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling a Car With a Blown Engine Online

How Much Can I Sell My Car with a Blown Engine for Online?

The amount you can get for selling a car with a blown engine depends on various factors, including the make, model, age, and overall condition of the vehicle. Some buyers are looking for a car with a specific make and model valuable despite the engine problem. To receive offers for your vehicle, check online marketplaces or utilize a specialized service like Sell My Car Online to get an estimate based on your car\’s specific details.

Where Can I Sell My Car with a Blown Engine Online?

List your car on general sales platforms on the internet like online classified ads or car sales websites catering to various types of vehicles like eBay Motors,, or Edmunds. Alternatively, Sell My Car Online is a specialized service focused on selling a vehicle with mechanical damage, such as a blown engine.

How Do I List My Car with a Blown Engine for Sale Online?

Listing a car with a blown engine for sale online involves the following steps:

  1. Choose the online platform where you want to list your car for sale, such as a general sales platform or a specialized service.
  2. Take clear and detailed photos of your vehicle from multiple angles, highlighting both its exterior and interior, as well as the area where the engine is damaged.
  3. Write an honest and accurate description of your car, clearly stating that it has a blown engine and providing relevant information about its age, make, model, and overall condition.
  4. Make sure to specify the overall mechanical damage and any additional damage or issues your vehicle has.
  5. Set a reasonable price based on the market value and estimates you\’ve received from similar vehicles.
  6. Provide contact information where potential buyers can reach you.

Alternatively, skip the listing and get an instant quote just by providing some basic information to Sell My Car Online.

Is It Worth Fixing a Blown Engine Before Selling the Car Online?

Repairing a blown engine is expensive. The cost outweighs the potential increase in resale value in most cases. Fixing the engine are often not economically feasible if the car is old or has other significant issues.

In those cases, it is better to sell the car as-is and disclose the engine issue in your listing. However, fixing the engine is worth considering if the vehicle has other valuable features, as it increases the potential resale value. Weigh the costs and benefits to determine the best course of action.

What Information Should I Disclose When Selling a Car with a Blown Engine Online?

When putting up car with a blown engine for sale on the internet, it\’s crucial to provide accurate information in your listing. This includes:

  • The make, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle
  • A detailed description of the engine issue and any additional mechanical damage
  • Any history of repairs or maintenance performed on the car
  • The overall condition of the car, including the interior and exterior
  • Your asking price and if it\’s negotiable
  • Your contact information for potential buyers

Being transparent about your car\’s condition and providing accurate information will help you find a buyer who understands its current state and is willing to invest in a totaled car with a blown engine.

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