Sell Car in Illinois Online

Selling a car in Illinois online has become an increasingly popular option for vehicle owners looking to make a smooth and efficient transaction. The process is hassle-free and allows sellers to reach a wider audience while maximizing potential profits. It's essential to understand the intricacies of selling a car in Illinois online, from the paperwork and regulations involved to determining the best selling platforms to use.

When selling a car online in The Land of Lincoln, it's important to be well-versed in the necessary paperwork, ensuring the transaction is legal and transparent for both parties. Additionally, understanding Illinois car selling regulations will help sellers avoid any potential issues or complications throughout the process. Determining the appropriate selling price and finding the most effective online platforms to advertise your vehicle play a crucial role in a successful sale.

Alternative ways to sell a car in The Prairie State will also be explored, allowing sellers to find the best method for their unique circumstances. By being well-informed and following the proper steps, selling a car online in Illinois is a seamless and profitable experience.

Sell a Car in Illinois Online

Selling a car in Illinois online is a simple and convenient process. By leveraging the power of the internet, you reach a larger audience of potential buyers, which increases your chances of getting a fair price for your vehicle. This section will guide you through the essential steps and considerations for selling your car online in Illinois.

Prepare your vehicle for sale

First, it's important to clean and prepare your car for sale. Take high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, highlighting any significant features or upgrades. These photos will serve as the primary visual representation of your car for potential buyers and will contribute to the overall presentation of your online listing.

Next, research the current market value of your car based on factors such as make, model, age, mileage, and condition. Utilizing online resources like Kelley Blue Book provides an accurate estimate of your car's value. Setting a competitive price will help attract potential buyers and expedite the sale process.

When creating your online listing, make sure to include accurate vehicle information, including:

  • Make, model, and year
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Maintenance and repair history
  • Any additional features or upgrades

Be transparent on any existing issues or damages to the car, as well as any repairs your vehicle has undergone.

In Illinois, some essential documents and processes are required for the legal sale of a vehicle, such as:

  • Obtaining a vehicle history report, which provides crucial information with past accidents or issues with the car
  • Removing the license plates before selling the car, as these are not transferred to the new owner
  • Completing the Notice of Sale form (Form VSD 703) and submitting it to the Illinois Secretary of State within 10 days of the sale
  • Properly transferring the title to the new owner by filling out the required sections and signing it

To ensure a safe and secure transaction, consider using secure payment methods like escrow services or electronic payments. Additionally, always meet potential buyers in well-lit public locations and never alone.

By following these tips and guidelines, selling your car online in The Corn State is an efficient and profitable experience. Remember, preparation and transparency are vital for attracting buyers and closing the deal quickly.

What Paperwork Is Needed to Privately Sell a Car in Illinois Online

When selling a car in Illinois online, it is essential to prepare and complete the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth and compliant transaction. This not only protects both the seller and the buyer but also fulfills the state's legal requirements.

Vehicle title

The primary document you will need is the vehicle title, which proves your ownership of the car. Before listing your vehicle online, make sure the title is in your name and free of any liens. Having the vehicle title is more profitable than selling a car without one. You will receive well over $100 more for a vehicle with the original or a duplicate title than for a vehicle without.

When you find a buyer, you will sign over the title to transfer ownership. To complete the sale, both the seller and the buyer must provide their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the title.

Sale report documents

Another necessary form is the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (Form VSD 190), which is used to report the sale to the Illinois Secretary of State. This form includes information dealing with the vehicle's make, model, year, and VIN, as well as the seller's and buyer's personal details. You obtain it online or at a local Secretary of State office.

In addition to Form VSD 190, you must complete the Notice of Sale form. This document officially informs the state that you sold your vehicle. Failing to submit this form results in potential liability for any tickets or violations associated with the car after the sale.

Bill of Sale

Don't forget to create a bill of sale for the transaction. Although it is not mandatory in Illinois, it serves as a receipt and record of the sale. The bill of sale includes the sales price, date of sale, and signatures of both the buyer and seller. It also contain the vehicle's description, including the make, model, year, and VIN.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

If your vehicle is less than 10 years old, Illinois law requires you to provide an odometer disclosure statement. The odometer reading at the time of sale must be recorded on this document, which helps prevent odometer fraud. You either use a separate form or include the odometer disclosure on the bill of sale.

Additional information

Finally, don't forget to remove your license plates from the vehicle before handing it over to the buyer. In Illinois, plates stay with the seller and is transferred to another vehicle or returned to the Secretary of State.

By ensuring all the necessary paperwork is prepared and accurately completed, you confidently and legally sell your car online in Illinois.

Understanding Illinois Car Selling Regulations

Transfer of Ownership Requirements

When selling your car in Illinois, it is important to be aware of the specific identification and transfer of ownership requirements. To properly transfer the title, both the seller and buyer must sign and complete the necessary paperwork. This process includes transferring the certificate of title, which verifies the seller's ownership and the buyer's new ownership. Additionally, sellers provide a Vehicle History to private buyers in order to guarantee transparency and trust between parties.

Vehicle Inspection and Emissions Test

Before you sell your car in Illinois, it is essential to know the vehicle inspection and emissions test requirements. In most cases, Illinois requires mandatory emissions testing every two years for all vehicles registered within specific metropolitan areas. Passing the emissions test is crucial in completing the selling process, especially for vehicles intended for future use. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and complies with Illinois emission standards before listing it online.

Sales Tax and Other Fees

Selling a car in Illinois means sales tax and other fees must be taken into account. The buyer is responsible for paying the sales tax, which varies depending on the county and municipality where the car is registered. As the seller, it is important to inform the buyer with these taxes to avoid any confusion. Also, you need to consider any additional fees, such as title transfer or registration fees, which is required during the transaction.

4 Steps to Sell a Car in Illinois Online

  1. Prepare your car for sale: Clean your car, ensure it is in good working condition, and gather all necessary documents, such as the title, vehicle history report, and maintenance records.
  2. Set a fair price: Research the market value of your car based on its make, model, age, and condition. Compare similar vehicles to determine an appropriate selling price.
  3. List your car online: Utilize various online platforms, such as Sell My Car Online, to list your vehicle and reach a wider audience of potential buyers.
  4. Complete the sale: Once you found a buyer, finalize the transfer of ownership, handle sales tax and fees, and provide any necessary documentation to complete the transaction.

By following these steps and understanding the Illinois car selling regulations, you confidently and efficiently sell your car online.

How Much Can I Sell My Car for Online in Illinois?

Determining the value of your car when selling it online in Illinois depends on several factors, including the year, model, mileage, condition, and brand. To estimate the selling price accurately, it's crucial to understand the role these factors play in the process. Here's a breakdown of what you need to consider:

Year and Brand

The age of the car and its manufacturing brand impacts the resale value. Newer vehicles tend to command higher selling prices, while older ones have a lower value. Luxury and well-established brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes hold their value more compared to other non-luxury car brands.


The specific model of your car is another important factor that influences the selling price. Popular models known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs are more in demand, leading to better resale values. Some models are more popular in certain locations, so consider things like the climate and terrain of your area when trying to determine a fair selling price or comparable offers.


The higher the mileage on your car, the more wear and tear it has experienced. This contributes to a lower resale value. As a general rule, a car with lower mileage will fetch a higher selling price compared to a similar car with more miles on the odometer.


The overall condition of your car also impacts its value. A well-maintained vehicle with no significant damage or mechanical issues will command a higher selling price. Routine maintenance, such as regular oil changes, brake checks, and tire rotations, help to maintain your car's value.

To estimate your car's value in Illinois, it's essential to consider all these factors and research the current market trends for similar vehicles. Online tools like Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds provides a range for comparable vehicles, but keep in mind that local market fluctuations affects the final selling price. Conducting due diligence will ensure that you list your car at a competitive and appropriate price when selling through Sell My Car Online.

Where Can You Sell Your Car in Illinois Online?

When it comes to selling your car in Illinois online, there are several reliable and popular platforms available. These websites offer you the opportunity to reach a wide range of potential buyers, ensuring a smooth and efficient selling process.

AutoTrader is a well-known online marketplace for selling cars. By listing your vehicle on their website, you gain access to an extensive network of potential buyers. Their user-friendly interface enables you to provide all the necessary information on your car, including photos, and also helps you determine the best price. Additionally, their mobile app makes it even more convenient to manage your listing anytime, anywhere.

CarGurus is another trusted platform for selling vehicles online. It provides a comprehensive valuation tool to help you set a competitive asking price based on market trends and similar listings. CarGurus also offers a secure messaging system, allowing you to communicate with potential buyers privately and safely. Their easy-to-use interface and advanced search filters make it a popular choice among prospective car buyers.

Aside from these two major platforms, there are also various online classified websites, local community forums, and social media platforms where you list your car for sale in Illinois. For optimal results, it's recommended to explore multiple channels to increase your chances of reaching a broader audience and selling your car quickly.

Choosing the Right Online Platforms to Sell Your Car in Illinois

When it comes to selling your car in Illinois, choosing the right online platform is essential. Doing so will make the process more efficient, attract potential buyers, and help you get the best possible price for your vehicle. In this section, we will discuss several factors to consider when selecting an online platform to sell your car.

First, pay attention to reputation and user base. Popular platforms with a large user base increase the visibility of your car listing, reaching more potential buyers. A platform with a strong reputation provides trust and credibility, ensuring a smooth transaction for both you and the buyer.

Second, consider the features and tools provided by the platform. Some websites offer tools like valuation calculators, which help determine the fair market value of your vehicle. Additionally, look for a platform that allows you to upload multiple high-quality photos, include detailed descriptions, and filter search results by criteria such as make, model, and year. These features will make your listing more attractive and help potential buyers find your car quickly.

Another factor to consider is the cost of listing and selling your car. The cost varies depending on the platform you use. Some sites charge a fee for listing, while others take a percentage of the final sale price. To optimize profits, compare fees and choose a platform that offers the best balance of cost and features.

Lastly, pay attention to location specifics and local market insights. Focusing on online platforms that are popular in Illinois will help you reach a more localized audience interested in your vehicle. Look for platforms that provide local market data and trends to better understand the value and demand for your car within the state.

By keeping these factors in mind and selecting the right online platform to sell your car in Illinois, you make the process smoother and more efficient, ultimately leading to a successful transaction.

Alternative Ways to Sell a Car in Illinois

When it comes to selling a car in Illinois, online platforms such as Sell My Car Online helps simplify the process. However, there are alternative ways to sell your car in the state, which we'll explore in this section.

Sell Car to a Dealership in Illinois

One option is to sell your car to a dealership. Many dealerships offer trade-in programs where they'll purchase your car and apply the value towards a new or used car purchase. While this is convenient, dealership offers do not always yield the best price for your car. Before visiting a dealership, research your car's value and remove the license plate to retain your personal info for your new car.

Sell Car Privately to a Person

Selling your car privately to a person results in a better return than selling to a dealership. To do so, you advertise your car through online classified ads or in local print publications. You set your own listing price, communicate with and vet buyers on your own, and schedule test drives at your convenience.

Be prepared to meet potential buyers and share important information on your car's history. Make sure to remove your license plate and obtain a bill of sale for the transaction. Take the time to negotiate the price, and always prioritize your safety during the process.

Sell Car to a Junkyard

If your car is no longer in running condition, another option is to sell it to a junkyard. Junkyards pay cash for cars based on their weight and size, rather than their actual market value. Contact a local junkyard, provide your car's information, and inquire their offer. Once you've agreed on a price, they pick up your car directly. To protect your personal info, remove the license plate before handing over the vehicle.

In conclusion, there are several alternatives to selling your car in Illinois. Each has its pros and cons, but it's essential to research and compare different options to ensure you get the best deal for your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sell My Car Privately in Illinois?

To sell your car privately in Illinois, follow these steps:

  1. Clean your car - Make sure your car is clean, both inside and out, to make it more appealing to potential buyers.
  2. Gather relevant documents - Obtain your car's title, registration, and vehicle history report. Illinois law requires the seller to provide a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification during the sale.
  3. Determine the car's value - Research the market value of your car, considering its make, model, age, and condition.
  4. Advertise your car for sale - Post your car listing on different selling websites or local classifieds to increase visibility. Make sure to include clear photos and a detailed description of your car.
  5. Screen potential buyers - Communicate with interested buyers and answer their questions. Schedule test drives while ensuring your safety and that of your vehicle.
  6. Negotiate and finalize the sale - Once you've found a buyer, negotiate the price and payment method. Create a bill of sale, and verify the buyer's identity before transferring the ownership.

Do I Need to Notify the DMV When I Sell My Car in Illinois Online?

Yes, you need to notify the Illinois DMV when you sell your car online. Fill out the Notice of Sale form, also known as Form VSD 703, and send it to the DMV within 10 days of the sale to remove liability. You download the form from the Illinois Secretary of State website.

Is a Bill of Sale Required for Selling a Car in Illinois?

Creating a bill of sale is recommended when selling a car in Illinois, although it is not legally required. A bill of sale offers protection to both the seller and the buyer, as it records the details of the transaction and serves as proof of the transfer of ownership.

Which Is the Best Site to Sell My Car in Illinois?

Sell My Car Online is the absolute best option for selling a vehicle in Illinois. One of the most difficult aspects of car selling is negotiating with buyers and promptly responding to every inquiry. With Sell My Car Online, the only thing you need to do is give us the details of your vehicle and receive your instant cash offer, which is valid for a week or 100 additional miles. After accepting our offer, we will come to you and pick up your vehicle free of charge, handing you your cash payment after a brief, on-the-spot vehicle inspection. Thanks to our diverse network of eager buyers, rest assured knowing you will always receive the ultimate price for your vehicle.

Can I Sell My Car Online in Illinois with No Title?

Selling a car online in Illinois without a title is challenging. However, it is not impossible. Check with the Illinois Secretary of State to obtain a duplicate title or apply for a lost title to sell your car. Alternatively, you sell your car to a business that will buy cars without a title. However, this results in receiving a lower price for your vehicle.

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