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Online car sales are quickly becoming the most popular way to get your unwanted vehicle taken off your hands. Sell My Car Online knows this well and stands as the absolute best website to trade in your unwanted vehicle for cash. However, there are a few other car-selling services out there that offer similar benefits to Sell My Car Online. Vroom is an online platform where you can buy, sell, and trade-in used vehicles. Their easy online appraisal system lets you receive a quote in as little as 2 minutes by simply entering the license plate or VIN. We’ll review all Vroom has to offer to see how it matches up against Sell My Car Online.

Overview of Vroom

Featured in Forbes, Vroom is a popular platform for consumers to buy, sell, and trade in used cars. Vroom determines a price quote by taking a look at all the details of your car and comparing it to the market value of your vehicle. Vroom operates within the continental US, giving millions of car sellers across the country a chance to receive a great price for their used cars.

Vroom is different from other cash for cars services in the way that it purchases vehicles in a variety of conditions, and most vehicles sold are intended for future use. Therefore, they tend to not offer cash payments. Rather, they send sellers a direct deposit payment or a check in the mail.

How does Vroom work?

Vroom works by using a price quote tool on their website to gather important information about your car. Vroom does not purchase cars in every state, including Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. However, they will purchase any car in any condition, with the exception of leased vehicles. One of the downsides to working with Vroom, though, is the fact that payment for the vehicle is not issued on the same day as vehicle pick-up. After pick-up, the payment will be processed and sent to you within 2-3 business days via direct deposit or check, which is delivered by overnight mail. This can be a deal-breaker for folks who are selling their vehicle in order to make some quick cash and can’t spare another day waiting for payment.

How do you sell a car to Vroom?

Vroom takes into account all the details about your vehicle, like the license plate or VIN, mileage, and condition of the car. Once Vroom reviews this information, they will send over a quick price quote. From there, you’ll have 7 days or 250 additional miles to consider the offer. After you’ve made the final decision to sell to Vroom, they will ask you to upload your identification information, proof of ownership documents, and a photo of the odometer. Proof of ownership documents are usually the vehicle title, but can also be the vehicle registration or a bill of sale. Reach out to your local DMV to purchase a duplicate title if you do not currently have any proof of ownership on hand. Duplicate titles are available by submitting an application online or in-person and paying a one-time application fee, which varies depending on your state.

Once all the necessary paperwork is uploaded, Vroom’s team with reach out via phone or email to complete the sale. This includes scheduling a time for vehicle pick-up and choosing a method of payment. After picking up the vehicle, Vroom will process and send over your payment within 2-3 days.

How do you get an offer from Vroom?

Getting an offer from Vroom is easy. All you have to do is report the details of your car on the website and wait for a quick price quote to be delivered to you. After receiving and reviewing the price quote, you’ll have a week or 250 additional miles to think it over. Since Vroom tends to buy cars that are operational, they are more flexible when it comes to letting sellers explore their options. After accepting the price quote, you are required to upload your proof of ownership documents, driver’s license, and a picture of the odometer. Once all the finer details are settled, you can choose a time for vehicle pick-up.

Can you negotiate your offer with Vroom?

No, offers from Vroom are non-negotiable. Vroom is a platform for people to both buy and sell cars, so they have a readily available network of buyers who are willing to pay the market value for your car. Keeping this in mind, there is really not much room for price increases or negotiation.

The Best Vroom Alternative

Sell My Car Online is entirely transparent about what it takes to sell a car, which is a perk that not many car-selling platforms offer. We have a vast array of resources for sellers to peruse so they know how the process works from start to finish. By performing market research and keeping in touch with a collection of eager buyers, we will always be able to offer you the best price for your car. There are no hidden fees, no removal charges, and you have 7 days or 100 miles to consider your offer. We will always make sure you are totally comfortable with the sale, and we are so confident in our ability to offer you the best price quote around, we’ll give you plenty of time to check out our competitors and see for yourself.

Sell My Car Online vs Vroom

Though Vroom offers 150 more miles to explore your options, using Sell My Car Online is truly the best way to get the most money out of your used vehicle. We offer unparalleled resources for sellers so they know they are making a good choice every step of the way. We carefully detail every aspect of the sale in our blogs and selling guides so you can feel confident before, during, and after the sale. Vroom has an easy-to-use interface and plenty of buyers available, which makes it a valid alternative to Sell My Car Online. However, there are many states in which Vroom is not available. Sell My Car Online purchases cars across the country, so you’ll never feel left out of a good sale.

Another issue with Vroom is that the platform focuses on both buying and selling, which means its resources aren’t entirely dedicated to finding you the ultimate price for your car. With Sell My Car Online, your happiness is our focus – we want to make sure you are receiving the best offer for your car every time, which is precisely why we’ve decided to use our platform specifically for purchasing used cars from sellers just like you.

Other Vroom Alternatives

Many car-selling platforms and cash for cars services either are not transparent enough about the sale or simply do not have the buyers in place to give you an amazing offer for your car. Certain cash for cars services, like Junk Car Medics and The Clunker Junker, tend to focus on junk vehicle removal instead of buying used cars of varying conditions. This means that their network of buyers simply isn’t as diverse as ours. We will always carefully review the details of your vehicle and compare them to others on the market to find you a great offer that matches up with or completely exceeds your expectations. You will have access to zero-cost vehicle removal and a convenient cash payment on the day of pick-up, no stress or hassle involved!

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