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Even though Sell My Car Online is the best website to sell your vehicle, there are other prominent websites that will offer you cash for your unwanted car. Peddle is a business that offers instant price quotes, free pickup, and on-the-spot payment for used or junk cars. There are nearly 100,000 reviews attesting to Peddle’s elite customer service and easy selling process.

The removal and pick up of junk vehicles is a necessary task to prevent the environment from being further exposed to toxins emitted by old, leaky vehicles. Junk vehicles that remain exposed to the environment rust and negatively impact the communities they are located in.

Services that are willing to remove your old car free of charge and give you a direct cash payment are needed now more than ever. Over 12 million vehicles per year are junked in the United States, and that number continues to grow annually. Websites like Peddle make it easy to remove and recycle your unwanted car.

Overview of Peddle

Peddle works with a large network of car buyers to narrow down the ultimate price for your car. Peddle specializes in buying old used or inoperable vehicles, providing you with a great offer and 7 days to think it over. Though you can’t negotiate the offer for your car, pickup and removal are totally free, saving you money on transportation costs.

No matter where you live in the United States, Peddle will pick up and purchase your vehicle. Founded in 2011 by Tim Yarosh, this site was created with the understanding that you should be able to receive an easy payment for your old vehicle. Peddle has received multiple rave reviews on websites like Facebook and Trustpilot, gaining the confidence of car sellers nationwide over the past decade.

Some benefits of Peddle are the lack of age restrictions for the vehicle and the ability to sell cars that are totaled or have salvage titles. However, if you’re looking to buy a car or trade-in your vehicle, you are out of luck. Peddle only offers cash payment for your vehicle and does not advertise used cars for sale. Peddle also does not buy vehicles with a lien, so pay any debts on your vehicle in full before soliciting an offer from the site.

How does Peddle work?

Peddle works directly with buyers to pick up and remove used cars and junk vehicles. Though Peddle used to be a junk car removal business (Junk My Car) founded in 2004, they now purchase operable used vehicles. By entering the details of your vehicle on the site, you’ll have access to an offer that is valid for one week, giving you plenty of time to decide if it is right for you. After the offer is accepted, you can arrange for Peddle to pick up your vehicle for free.

How do you sell a car to Peddle?

Selling a car to Peddle is a 3-step process. First, you need to report the details and condition of your car to Peddle. This includes the make, model, year, and mileage, along with an accurate assessment of any damage. Once you’ve entered all the necessary information about your car, Peddle will perform a quick appraisal based on the data to formulate the best offer for your vehicle. Though you have 7 days to decide if the offer is right for you, you can always accept right away and begin the sales process. Peddle can even pick up your car and pay you on the same day you receive the offer.

On the day of pickup, the Peddle’s tow truck driver will perform a quick inspection to make sure the vehicle matches the description. The car isn’t required to be clean and spotless, but it is a good idea to remove your personal belongings and license plates from the vehicle before transferring the vehicle to Peddle.

How do you get an offer from Peddle?

Peddle will send over an offer for your used vehicle either by phone or online. The most common way to receive your quote is by email. This quote will be valid for 7 days. After that period is up, Peddle may offer you a different price for your vehicle, based on market trends and values.

Can you negotiate your offer with Peddle?

No, you cannot negotiate your offer with Peddle. Peddle was created to find the absolute best price for your car. The offer you receive for your vehicle is usually a fair market price. Since you have a week to think the offer over, there is no reason to make a hasty decision. Feel free to research other platforms to sell your car and see if you can attract a higher price for the car.

The Best Peddle Alternative

Sell My Car Online is the best platform to sell your car with. We will gather a large set of competitive offers for your vehicle and provide you with the best price for your car, hands down.

Sell My Car Online allows you to get cash for your car quickly and easily. You’ll never have to pay a dime for vehicle pickup, and our vast network of interested car buyers guarantees you’ll receive an appealing offer. Receiving a quote for your car takes less than an hour, and we are willing to buy all sorts of vehicles ranging from trucks and vans to old cars and SUVs.

Sell My Car Online vs Peddle

Sell My Car Online and Peddle are similar car-selling platforms that offer instant quotes for your vehicle along with quick, stress-free car removal. Working with these platforms allows you to get rid of unwanted vehicles of any age and condition so you can make room for a new vehicle in your life.

There are some fundamental differences between the platforms. Peddle prefers to pay sellers using a check but will pay in cash under some circumstances. Sell My Car Online is more flexible, offering payment via electronic transfer, Paypal, or cash. You have to option to choose which payment method works best for you.

Other Peddle Alternatives

Many other car removal websites are willing to pick up and dispose of your used or junk vehicle. Popular car selling and removal services, like The Clunker Junker, Junk Car Medics, and Copart will pay you cash for your vehicle and offer free and fast car removal. These platforms tend to specialize in damaged or totaled cars and may not have access to the same quality of buyers as Sell My Car Online. We buy both used, operable vehicles and junk cars, so we are able to use our wide pool of potential buyers to leverage bids against one another and gather the perfect offer for your car. No matter what, we can offer you the most profitable quote for your unwanted vehicle!

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