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Selling your old, unwanted car does not have to be a pesky in-person exchange. The easiest and simplest way to sell your vehicle is to conduct the sale online. Sell My Car Online is the best way to receive cash for your old vehicle, but that doesn’t mean it is the only cash for cars service around. JD Power is one example of a cash for cars service that operates nationally, just like Sell My Car Online. JD Power is a site that allows you to shop around for new and used vehicles, appraise vehicles before purchasing or selling, and gives you the opportunity to sell your unwanted vehicle directly to the business. Take a look at the following guide to gain some more insight into how JD Power works.

Overview of JD Power

JD Power is a business that provides consumer insights, market data, and analytics for various industries, like the automotive, healthcare, financial services, insurance, and hospitality industries. They also offer a cash for cars service in partnership with Carwiser, which means they purchase unwanted and junk vehicles from sellers in exchange for a cash payment. They have been in business for over 50 years, so they are a well-trusted brand that many buyers and sellers choose to work with. Though JD Power isn’t specifically a junk removal or cash for cars business, they collaborate with other buyers in the automotive industry to find a decent price to offer for your vehicle.

How does JD Power work?

JD Power allows you to sell your unwanted vehicle to them by partnering up with Carwiser, a website dedicated to purchasing cars of varying conditions, much like Sell My Car Online. This car buying aspect of JD Power works by having sellers report the plate number and state, or the VIN and the state the car is located in.

From there, they digitally appraise your vehicle, comparing it to the market value of similar vehicles in your area. Once this appraisal is conducted, you will be sent multiple offers for your car. This is a no-obligation price quote, which means that receiving these offers does not force you into a binding sales agreement. These offers come from multiple other platforms, which are compiled by JD Power and Carwiser. The platforms include Carmax, Vroom, CarGurus, and more.

After reviewing the offers, you can decide on one and continue with the sale. JD Power only purchases vehicles in the continental U.S., so Hawaiian and Alaskan residents are out of luck with this service. Carwiser claims that most sellers are able to get their vehicle removed within 16 days, and in some cases, the vehicle can be sold and removed the same day they accept the offer.

How do you sell a car to JD Power?

To sell a car to JD Power, you must enter the details of your vehicle into the website’s price quote tool, which is run by Carwiser. The tool asks that you either input the vehicle plate number and state of registration, or the VIN and state of registration.The quote generator will show you multiple offers from a few different buyers. You are able to choose which offer works best for you, and from there you can schedule a time for pick up and payment.

According to Carwiser, each price quote will have its own expiration date, so there is no clarity as to how long your offer is valid. Another unclear aspect of the sale is payment – Carwiser and JD Power do not specifically state which payment options are available to you before you begin the sales process, which can be confusing for some.

As with any other car sale, you must provide proof of ownership to JD Power to sell your vehicle. Proof of ownership is usually the vehicle title, but in many cases, the title is not the only document you can provide for the sale. Other proof of ownership documents include the bill of sale and the vehicle registration. Those who do not have access to any of the above should apply for a duplicate title at their local DMV. The application can usually be submitted online or in person and tends to require a submission fee.

How do you get an offer from JD Power?

An offer from JD Power can be obtained by using the Carwiser price quote tool on their website. JD Power does not specify any physical locations you can visit should you prefer an in-person price evaluation. This is because JD Power is partnered with Carwiser, so the sale is conducted primarily through that platform. The only information they require initially is the VIN and state of vehicle registration or the plate number and state of vehicle registration. According to Carwiser, an agent will be able to clarify if any additional details are needed from you. Once you’ve accepted a single offer from the list of offers generated by Carwiser, you can arrange for vehicle pick-up and payment.

Can you negotiate your offer with JD Power?

No, you cannot negotiate your offer with JD Power. Selling your car to JD Power means you have access to varying offers to choose from. Since there are so many quotes available, there is not much room for negotiation. Choose the offer that works best for your needs and requirements, and never pick an offer that is dramatically lower than market value.

The Best JD Power Alternative

Sell My Car Online doesn’t overwhelm you with multiple offers to choose from and doesn’t require assistance from other cash for cars platforms to conduct an initial value assessment. We have access to a large network of buyers, and we perform diligent market research to offer you the absolute best deal for your unwanted car. We are dedicated to making sure every seller we interact with is well-informed about the transaction, so we offer a bundle of resources to make sure you completely understand your options. When working with us, you’ll be subject to no hidden fees, and your initial price quote is valid for 7 days or 100 miles, whichever comes first. It is important to us that you receive the ultimate offer for your car, and we encourage folks to check out other quotes to feel confident about the transaction if they need to. Rest assured, when working with Sell My Car Online, you’ll always have the most stress-free experience and the quickest online sale around.

Sell My Car Online vs JD Power

Sell My Car Online is dedicated to total transparency during the sale of your vehicle. That is why we will send over the absolute best offer for your car and give you a week to think about it, along with providing a slew of resources to ensure you’re completely informed about your options. JD Power, on the other hand, complicates things by conducting the sale through Carwiser and offering few resources about how the sale works. They also do not have accessible information regarding how long your offer is valid, and they can overwhelm sellers by providing too many price quotes to choose from. This forces sellers to perform unnecessary research and can lengthen the sales process. Sell My Car Online performs this research for you, so you can sell your car from the comfort of your home and know you’re getting the guaranteed best price for it.

JD Power is also a business that is involved in a variety of industries, so its interests and resources have the potential to be stretched rather thin. Sell My Car Online is totally focused on purchasing and removing unwanted vehicles, so you know that we are 100% dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to get the most money for your car.

Other JD Power Alternatives

Sell My Car Online makes it easy to turn a tidy profit from the sale of your unwanted vehicle. Though cash for cars services are not uncommon, many others are junk removal focused, like Junk Car Medics, Peddle, and The Clunker Junker. Sell My Car Online will purchase vehicles in any condition and is not solely focused on junk vehicles. This means we have a larger and more diverse network of buyers that can fulfill your car sale needs. We will always offer you the best price possible for your vehicle, no matter if it is relatively new, old and well-loved, or broken down and rusted. You will get no-cost vehicle removal and a cash payment guaranteed for the vehicle you choose to sell to us.

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