Sell Your Car Online Versus Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Sell Your Car Online Versus Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Selling a car online is the process of listing and getting paid for an unwanted vehicle using digital platforms. Sales can be facilitated remotely, which enables a wider audience to be reached as opposed to local buyers only. This gives sellers an edge, as they often receive an increased number of inquiries and offers for their vehicles.

In-person vehicle sales takes more time and limit a seller's ability to secure the best offer. The limited reach of selling a vehicle in-person becomes most apparent when the make and model aren't in demand locally. Visiting a dealership, such as Enterprise, requires a scheduled appointment and taking time out of the day for an inspection and test drive.

Selling a vehicle with Sell My Car Online versus Enterprise Rent-a-Car both have similarities and differences. This is a breakdown of the comparison, as well as the advantages sellers have when they use Sell My Car Online to get the best offer for their old ride.

Sell My Car Online

Advantages of Selling a Car Online

Selling a car online has many advantages, especially for those who find themselves with a full schedule. Many online car-selling platforms strive to make it as simplified for sellers as possible, which cuts down on the investment of time when selling a car.

The top 3 advantages when selling a car online are listed below.

  •   Wider potential buyer reach = more offers
  •   Increased time savings
  •   Market research and comparison advantage

In many situations, more offers tend to equate with more competition. This drives the value up, leaving sellers with more cash for their cars. Instead of wasting all day at a dealership trying to haggle over the price of the car, sellers have the advantage of listing their vehicle and letting the platform do the rest. Once an acceptable offer rolls in, sellers chooses to take it and continue the process of selling their car online. Using online tools to appraise a car's value provides stronger market comparison, which helps prevent sellers from accepting lowball offers. This builds transparency and trust.

Disadvantages of Selling a Car Online

Those who are not comfortable accepting offers and providing vehicle information online may find that they prefer to conduct an in-person inspection and sale. Depending on which platform sellers choose to list their vehicle, a major disadvantage of selling online can be an influx of lowball offers. This is common on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Online car buyers, such as Sell My Car Online, provide instant and accurate quotes. Sellers can rest assured that they're getting a fair offer for their unwanted vehicle, without having to field multiple low offers and flaky buyers.

Factors to Consider When Selling a Car Online 

Selling a car online equates to a wider reach of potential buyers, which often means securing a better offer. There is always a risk of being scammed on some online marketplaces. Choosing a reputable car-buying service ameliorates these concerns, as well as protect the security and privacy of the seller. Selling a car online comes with more advantages than disadvantages, such as convenience and efficiency. Sellers retain greater control over pricing, as they're not attempting to negotiate with in-person buyers.

Selling Through Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Sell Car to Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Advantages of Selling a Car at Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Enterprise Rent-a-Car buys and sells vehicles via Enterprise Car Sales. Their online valuation tool enables potential sellers to gauge how much their vehicle may be worth. Enterprise accepts outright sales and trade-ins. Those with a nearby Enterprise dealership may find it convenient to bring their vehicle in for an inspection and test drive. Those who prefer in-person interactions may find that this step in the process isn't an inconvenience and rather, a bonus. Enterprise provides sellers with up to 7 days or 300 miles to accept the original offer.

Disadvantages of Selling a Car at Enterprise Rent-a-Car

The main disadvantage of selling a car to Enterprise Car Sales is the requirement that sellers must bring the vehicle into a dealership for an inspection, test drive, and mechanical review. This can be inconvenient for those who don't have a nearby dealership. Sellers looking to complete the process online may find that Enterprise isn't the prime candidate. Enterprise may not buy all types of cars, such as junk cars, damaged cars, and vehicles that don't drive. In this case, it's better to engage a company such as Sell My Car Online that buys all types of vehicles.

With Sell My Car Online you can sell the following 6 vehicle types.

  1. Junk cars and scrap cars
  2. Damaged and totaled cars
  3. Cars that don't stat
  4. Cars that don't drive
  5. Old cars
  6. Any car in any condition

Factors to Consider When Selling a Car at Enterprise Rent-a-Car

The main factor to consider when selling a car to Enterprise is whether there is a dealership location nearby. Since Enterprise Car Sales requires a visit to the dealership for an in-person inspection, this can be a determining factor. If the closest dealership is an hour away, this can be an inconvenience that effectively removes Enterprise from consideration. Another factor to consider when selling a car to Enterprise is how quickly the seller wants to cash in hand. Unlike online options, which are generally quicker, selling a car to Enterprise may take upwards of a week depending on how quickly an inspection can be scheduled.

A Comparison of Selling a Car to Enterprise Rent-a-Car Versus Selling a Car Online

The process of selling a car via Enterprise Car Sales or Sell My Car Online has similarities and a few key differences. Both avenues provide online tools for sellers to gauge how much their vehicle is worth. Both companies provides sellers with a timeframe (and a mileage limit) for how long they have to accept the offer or decline it. To provide fair quotes, Enterprise uses Kelley Blue Book to determine a fair appraisal while Sell My Car Online uses a cutting-edge online offer system to provide instant and accurate quotes. Sellers who opt for Sell My Car Online won't be required to bring their vehicle into a dealership and instead, can accept the quote and begin making arrangements for removal and payment.

Why Selling a Car Online is the Superior Option

Selling cars online has become an increasingly popular option due to the wide reach of the Internet. Taking advantage of online resources allows sellers to get the most for their car, instead of being locked into a smaller local region. This broadened reach increases the likelihood of getting a car sold quickly. Scheduling individual meetings and test drives with multiple buyers takes up valuable time.

Sell My Car Online is the Express Lane to Sell Any Car Online

Sell My Car Online is one of the most efficient and profitable ways to sell a car. When using Sell My Car Online to sell an unwanted vehicle, sellers will have access to proprietary auction technology to ensure they're getting the best value. We make the process convenient, so spend less time fighting a headache over finding the right buyer.

When selling a car with Sell My Car Online, buyers are presented with the best possible offer. No games and no wasting time. We're happy to assist throughout the process and ensure that all your questions are answered. Sellers are paid at the time of removal and sales take an average of 24-72 hours once an offer has been accepted. Instead of spending time at dealerships or trying to sell your car in person, everything is done online. This saves you time, money, and hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees for selling a car online compared to Enterprise Rent-a-Car?

When selling a car, car owners should do their due diligence around any fees. Fees eats into the money a seller receives from the sale. Selling a car through Enterprise Car Sales typically doesn't charge any fees to the seller. Typical fees when selling a vehicle online may include listing fees, transaction fees, payment processing fees, and additional services and add-ons. It's always advisable to discuss specific fee requirements with the platform you're planning to sell on. Sell My Car Online does not charge sellers a fee for appraising, selling, or having the vehicle towed.

What is the process of selling a car online compared to Enterprise Rent-a-Car?

Making a sale with Sell My Car Online is as easy as inputting the VIN and basic vehicle information to receive an instant appraisal. Once the offer is accepted, the team at Sell My Car Online sends details to the buyer, who then begins scheduling vehicle removal and payment. Most arrangements are made within 24-72 hours, making this one of the fastest and most convenient methods for selling a junk vehicle. Enterprise Rent-a-Car adds a few more steps to the process, such as requiring sellers to go to a dealership for an in-person inspection, mechanical review, and test drive.

Below are the steps on how to sell your car through Enterprise.

  1. Use our convenient online tool to determine your vehicle's Kelley Blue Book trade in value in minutes. Enter the make, model, trim, and year of your vehicle to get started.
  2. Bring your car and online valuation into your local Enterprise Car Sales dealership. We'll conduct an in-person inspection, mechanical review, and test drive.
  3. Sell your car to us, or not. It's up to you. We'll share your car's value with you, and give you 7 days or 300 miles, whichever comes first, to decide if you want to accept.

How quickly can I sell a car online compared to Enterprise Rent-a-Car?

Many sellers want to sell their unwanted vehicles quickly and for as much cash as possible. Sell My Car Online provides an avenue for sellers to get cash for their vehicles within 24-72 hours. The timeframe for selling a car to Enterprise Rent-a-Car depends on the seller's ability to take the vehicle to a dealership for an inspection. Those with busy schedules may not be able to make immediate plans, which lengthens the process of selling their car.

How do I prepare to sell my car online compared to Enterprise Rent-a-Car?

Requirements for selling a car vary by state, so it's always recommended that sellers do their research into local and state regulations first. Sellers should expect to gather a valid title, registration, and ID. Sellers who do not have a valid title may need to get a replacement. This can be done by visiting your local DMV, filling out an application, and paying a small fee. These requirements will be in line with local rules regardless of selling a vehicle to a local Enterprise vehicle or an online buyer.

What are the most common places to sell my car online?

A few of the main competitors in the online car-buying space include The Clunker Junker, Peddle, Cash for Cars, and popular platforms such as eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist. Sell My Car Online is a safe and reliable means to sell an unwanted vehicle. The company gets your vehicle in front of many buyers, enabling you to get the best possible offer for your car.

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