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Working with online vehicle buyers can make the entire process of selling your car much less daunting. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to visit a dealership or physical location to get the job done. Sell My Car Online was created to address this problem, and we have successfully purchased and removed vehicles all across the country. But, this doesn’t mean Sell My Car Online is the only digital platform out there to work with. CarGurus is a popular website that both buyers and sellers use to navigate the auto industry. Customers can purchase new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles on CarGurus, and sellers can submit the details of their vehicles for a fast price quote. Come review all the benefits CarGurus has to offer so you can decide if Sell My Car Online is truly an incomparable vehicle-selling platform.

Overview of CarGurus

CarGurus lets you shop around for new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles while also giving you the option to sell your used car. Founded in Cambridge, MA in 2006 by Trip Advisor co-founder Langley Steinert, this platform was created with the vision that car buying and selling can be improved upon by utilizing the latest modern technology. Now, CarGurus has the most online car listings available and operates in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Buyers will be able to view a helpful rating based on a system that ranges from Great Deal, Good Deal, Fair Deal, High Price, and Overpriced. Sellers can view data about other local vehicles similar to theirs to gain helpful market insight when exploring their options. CarGurus works to provide all customers with as much clarity as possible so they completely understand the specifics of buying and selling cars through the site.

How does CarGurus work?

CarGurus works by allowing sellers to send over their vehicle information through the website’s instant price quote tool. Once the information is submitted, CarGurus will quickly appraise the vehicle value and send over a price quote in under 2 minutes. Sellers can expect the sale to take about a week or less and enjoy perks like free vehicle pick-up and a firm offer that is valid for 7 days or 250 additional miles.

Once the offer is accepted, sellers can arrange a time for vehicle pick up and choose their preferred method of payment. After all the details are ironed out, the sale will usually be wrapped up within 7 days.

CarGurus purchases cars without a vehicle title as long as you can furnish some proof of ownership. These documents include the vehicle registration or a bill of sale. To sell a vehicle legally in the US, proof of ownership is always required to prevent the sale of stolen vehicles. The downside to working with CarGurus is that they cannot guarantee all vehicles will receive an offer due to factors like high mileage, old age, non-drivable condition, and more.

How do you sell a car to CarGurus?

Selling a car to CarGurus is rather easy. On the website, enter the details of your vehicle into the price quote tool. CarGurus will ask for your state and license plate number, or the state and VIN. From there, you’ll be able to give additional information about your car and receive an offer in under 2 minutes. Offers are no obligation and you have plenty of time to think things over before accepting or declining.

After accepting the offer, sellers will arrange a time for the vehicle to be picked up and removed from their property. At this time, you will also choose a method of payment. Payment methods include a bank transfer or a check, which is delivered on the day of pickup.

As mentioned before, a vehicle title or another proof of ownership document must be readily available when selling a car. It is common to not have the vehicle title handy. In that case, your best option is to connect with your local DMV to receive a duplicate title. Replacement titles can be obtained by submitting an application in person or online and paying the applicable submission fee.

How do you get an offer from CarGurus?

Offers from CarGuru are available online by submitting the details of your vehicle through their simple price quote tool. From there, you’ll be able to view your one offer and decide if it works for you. You’ll have a week to think things over and if you decide to work with another platform, you will not be charged or penalized in any way. This is great for those who are new to selling cars and may need some extra reassurance.

Can you negotiate with CarGurus?

No, you cannot negotiate with CarGurus. CarGurus gives sellers one offer that is based on the vehicle information given and market value. This platform is all about convenience, so they work hard to find a single offer that will make vehicle sellers happy.

The Best CarGurus Alternative

Sell My Car Online gives used vehicle owners a chance to part ways with their unwanted car and earn a great profit from it too! We know having the most up-to-date, accurate car-selling resources is important to sellers like you, so we are constantly updating our website with helpful content so you can feel confident when selling your vehicle. Transparency is our middle name, so we give sellers 7 days or 100 miles to decide if working with Sell My Car Online is the right choice for their needs and requirements. Don’t be fooled by other websites who try to lock you into an offer – we will always give you a no-obligating price quote so you can check out your options and see for yourself why Sell My Car Online is the best cash for cars service around.

Sell My Car Online vs CarGurus

CarGurus puts sellers at a disadvantage by not purchasing vehicles that are damaged, too old, rare, or have a mileage, along with a variety of other factors that bar sellers from a quick, hassle-free sale. This is primarily because CarGurus is also a car-buying platform, meaning most vehicles purchased are intended to be resold through the website. Sell My Car Online focuses entirely on you as the seller – we know you want to get your used car off of your hands to trade up to something better or to gain a little extra cash. That is why we accept all cars, regardless of the condition. You shouldn’t have to spend time working with a platform that may not purchase your car. Sell My Car Online will buy your used, junk, damaged, or inoperable vehicles, along with gently used vehicles or cars with high mileage. When it comes to transparency and ease of sale, Sell My Car Online simply cannot be beaten.

Other CarGurus Alternatives

One of the main issues with CarGurus is their reluctance to buy damaged vehicles or cars that are tough to sell to the general public. Sell My Car Online eliminates frustration from the selling process. We buy cars of varying conditions and we have the buyers in place to give you the ultimate cash offer for your vehicle. Many cash for cars services tend to work with only damaged, salvage, or junk vehicle buyers. Sell My Car Online has a diverse network of buyers who are eagerly waiting to purchase your well-loved or inoperable car. Don’t wait any longer to sell your car – connect with Sell My Car Online today!

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